Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake

My go-to dessert for celebrations and entertaining is a yummy plant-based cheesecake, which besides being very delicious and satisfying, is incredibly easy to make. Make your loved ones happy with this wholesome and sophisticated treat without spending your day in the kitchen. This particular cheesecake keeps things simple with a vanilla filling, brightened up by a whole bunch of fresh strawberries. The date/hazelnut crust adds in a delightful layer of texture. The recipe is below:

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Frozen Strawberry Yogurt Bars

Refreshing frozen strawberry cashew yogurt, with an amazing hazelnut raisin crust, makes for one great summer treat. Super easy to make, and even easier to eat it all. The recipe is below.

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Vegan Crêpes

Crêpes are a wonderful departure from the usual pancakes and waffles for when you are in the mood for treating yourself to an amazing breakfast. This recipe makes it incredibly easy. But do prep the batter the night before cause it needs to be refrigerated for a little bit.

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Double Strawberry Vegan Parfait

We have been serving this popular parfait in our pop-up events in Charlotte, NC. And we though it would be nice to share the recipe here. It is made up of two recipes actually, one for assembling the parfait (1st recipe below) and one for the strawberry cashew cream (bottom recipe).

It is #vegan, #glutenfree, wholesome and absolutely delicious with our chocolate pecan pie granola.

#parfait #strawberry #granola #maple
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