Pesto Cheese

I love pesto in pretty much everything and I thought making a plant-based cheese deliciously flavored with pesto was a great idea. It is awesome to have this in the ready for spreading over toasts, using in sandwiches and in pasta sauces. The recipe is blow:

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Pesto Kimchi Sushi

This may sound like a random mash of different cuisines but I promise you it works! And the vegan sushi definitely needs a fresh look. I used to be a sushi lover up until I became a vegan. I still love sushi, but I find myself a little frustrated at sushi restaurants. There are a few exceptions of course but in general, the veg sushi options lack creativity, leaving me to feel ripped off with overpriced rice and cucumbers lol.

I incorporated quinoa into the sushi rice to up the protein game. The kimchi adds a kick and the probiotic component. The red cabbage salad adds in a great texture, and the pesto adds the zest, keeps things together and blends in all the flavors.

The recipe is below:

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Polenta Pizza with Avocado Pesto

Polenta Pesto Pizza

Polenta pizza with avocado pesto! Another delicious and powerful variation of the gluten-free pesto pizza, and I love the ease because it is a dish pizza and doesn’t involve rolling out the crust! Polenta has a way of absorbing lots of flavors so feel free to experiment with your own favorites too, it will reward you 😉 Here is the recipe:

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