Vegan Matcha Zebra Cheesecake

I am definitely a tea person, and of all the varieties, matcha has a special place in my heart. One reason, of course, is that it is super high in anti-oxidants. Actually it is much more potent than regular green tea. But another, perhaps more important, reason is it’s smooth and delicious flavor. Lastly, that pretty vibrant green definitely needs a mention. This all makes it a great ingredient, not only for drinks, but for desserts!

Merging my love of the matcha tea with that of vegan cheesecakes, I set out to make this vanilla matcha zebra cheesecake. I used the Carrington Farms Matcha Tea Powder and I couldn’t be happier with the result (as expected with my experience with other Carrington Farms products so far). The dessert turned out creamy but light, absolutely delicious and flavorful, and very pretty 🙂

See below for the full recipe and a video description of the zebra layering.

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Matcha Lemon Cream

Matcha Parfait
Playing around with the wonderful matcha package that I got from Breakaway Matcha, I ended up with this matcha lemon cream to use in my parfait. But it tasted really really good and I am sure it would be fantastic component in other desserts, smoothies etc… Here is the short and sweet recipe:

P.S: Matcha is not cheap, and the DREAMYMATCHA coupon code for 10% off at Breakaway Matcha should help.
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