Eggplant Pilaf


This will be a brief recipe:

Slice the eggplants longitudinally and roast them with olive oil. I used a panini maker for this, you could pan-fry as well.

For the stuffing, boil whole grain brown rice and green lentils with bay leaves and salt. In a separate pan, roast some pine nuts and incorporate any other vegetables and/or seasonings of your choice for the pilaf. Just a note, spices go in while cooking, herbs like parsley go after. I highly suggest adding a sour component here. Also, consider dried wild blueberries. In short, get creative here. Mix this with the boiled rice and lentils.

Cover the bottom of an oven pan (individual sized pans work better) with the eggplant slices. Fill with the pilaf mix and fold the eggplants over to cover. Oven roast, 15 minutes at 400 F.

That’s it. Enjoy.