Mini Granola Cup Tarts

Granola Cup Tarts
These were incredible all around, from the ease of preparation to wholesomeness, and the taste and texture. A total package. The crust is the key here and the magic comes through the combination of oats and bananas! It turns out quite robust and full of flavor. One of the best crust options I have tried so far. I am now even more in love with oats (and granola).

I have gone a little overboard with the recipe this time, showing many alternative ways. My intention is to show you how easy and versatile these beautiful little desserts can be.

I listed two ways of making the crust. The first one involves just 3 ingredients because it uses a pre-made granola. I will go ahead and suggest you use my granola because I think it is the healthiest and tastiest out there. It is also vegan and gluten-free. But you can also follow the crust version 2 in the recipe and make the whole thing from scratch. It is still fairly easy to make that way. You just mix a bunch more ingredients.

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