Potato Apple Savory Pancakes

A wonderfully creative and delicious take on savory pancakes, inspired by the book  “My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs and Their Final Meals” by Melanie Dunea. While not a plant-based book, I found it fascinating to look into what some great chefs would like to have as their last meal. What struck me was how simple the dishes were for many of the chefs. Of course I was going to try a few of them so I started by veganizing this potato apple savory pancake. The original recipe belongs to Michelle Bernstein. I replaced the egg with flax egg, added lemon juice rub to prevent discoloration and added nutritional yeast to enhance the taste. It all came together beautifully, with a great form and texture, and a mild but flavorful savory taste. My plant-based version of the recipe is here:

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Spinach Treat Smoothie

Spinach Smoothie
Easy, fast, nutritious, deep green and absolutely delicious. This is one good way to turn spinach into a treat. If drinking a smoothie doesn’t feel like a meal, you can try it as a bowl, decorated with fresh fruits, nuts, seeds and other goodies of your choice. Just plain fun. Here is the recipe:
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