Eggplant Falafel Burgers

Eggplant Burgers

Two things: use roasted eggplants in your vegan burger patties and get the insides of the burger breads a little charred on the grill (or the stove top). These make a world of difference. First off, eggplants naturally infuse a wonderful smoky flavor to the patties and they also help hold it together. Think baba ganoush if you will. The charring of the inside faces of the bread adds to the smoky barbecue feeling but more importantly, it introduces a much needed crusty texture.

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Spinach Tortilla Roll-Ups

Spinach Roll-Ups
The best thing about tortillas is that they are easily transformed into a wide variety of dishes. This spinach tortilla roll-up with cashew cream sauce was inspired by the mediterranean borek. Although borek uses a different dough, this comes really really close and brings in a big-time convenience. All that is needed is to prepare a filling, wet the tortillas in an easy cashew cream sauce and let it rest a little before throwing it in the oven or the panini maker. You can always freeze it and have it ready for a delicious savory breakfast option. I wouldn’t mind having it for any other meal either. The recipe is below:
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Beet Patties

Beet Patties
Beets are one of the star items in my standard weekly shopping list. Most of the time, I boil and pickle them. And when I do that, I reserve some to incorporate in other dishes. Like these vegan patties.

I have posted several variations of vegan patties before (see here and here for examples). And among them, the best looking ones are these, rocking the beautiful beet red. They are really great for preparing ahead of time and keeping in the freezer for quick and awesome meals featuring hefty portions of veggies, protein and fiber. Feel free to turn them into burgers or enjoy them as filling proteins to accompany your salad.

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Sautéed Mushroom and Avocado Quesadillas

I often default to quesadillas when I am out of time, out of other options or pretty much whenever I can create any other excuse to make them. Yes, the quesadilla name may imply cheese but my version, as always, is vegan. I am sure I have said this before but no cheese is needed when you can use hummus. Trust me on this. Hummus, cooked in a sandwich, tastes absolutely fantastic and it will even do a decent job at holding the sandwich together.

The recipe for one of my versions is below. But feel free to create your own. The principle is simple: cook hummus in bread.
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Roasted Eggplant and Hummus Panini

Roasted Eggplant Hummus Panini
A rich, colorful and playful panini that you will keep craving for. It really is a salad, with cooked components, served in delicious whole wheat bread.

Paninis have a special place in my heart. I practically grew up on this stuff. Naturally, it was one of the hardest thing to part with when turning vegan. After all, what’s a panini without melted cheese? How wrong I was. If you haven’t tried cooked hummus yet, you are in for a surprise. Hummus totally replaces cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich or panini. It doesn’t only replace it, it owns it. Here is the recipe:
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Caramelized Shallot and Portobello Open Sandwich with Lemon Cashew Sauce

Caramelized Shallot and Portobello Open Sandwich
That’s a mouthful of a title and a mouthful of taste! I have a thing for open sandwiches with creamy sauces. It is almost not fair to characterize them as just sandwiches. This is an easy way to treat your taste buds and tummies well.
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The Best Vegan Bagel Salad

I love packing this bagel salad with me whenever I doubt anything short of it will fill me up. It has a special place for occasions such as hikes, camping trips and beach visits. It also is a very popular item in my husband’s lunch box and for good reason. It is one of those things when you know what you are eating is nutritious but you still can’t help feeling a little guilt. It’s that good.

If you are taking this to work though, you may want to skip the onions, and add a little onion powder.

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Spinach Lentil Patties with Lemon Cashew Sauce

These days, I am really into spinach. I often find myself reaching for this wonderful green when I am making new recipes. It has an awesome taste and texture when sautéd with shallots. And adding cashew cream and nutritional yeast enriches the taste right away. It always needs some spices though. Combining all these with brown rice and green lentils for a kick of protein, I made some yummy vegan green patties to be featured in a burrito, along with a lemon cashew sauce that perfectly supplemented it. The recipe for both is below, followed by mini movie.
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Sweet Potato Falafel Burger

The falafel meets a sweet potato and forms a California burger in a pita pocket. Super tasty, high in protein, fiber and nutrients, it was amazing to enjoy a burger as a healthy lunch option. The recipe for this wonderful vegan patty is below.

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Beet Sliders


Beet is one of those extremely versatile veggies that you can make a hundred different ways and it still surprises you. Well it turns out, if you boil it with spices and then slice and grill to make a crust, it makes a perfectly good patty. Typical beet slices won’t be big enough for a burger though (depends on the kind, of course) so these sliders in a mini burger bun is a playful way to enjoy them. It is simple but still, here is the recipe:

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