Pina Colada Protein Smoothie

The best way to look forward to a workout is to have a delicious treat ready for after. This pina colada smoothie bowl definitely feels like a celebration while delivering a good kick of protein, thanks to Carrington Farms organic coconut protein blend. The blend actually has only 3 wholesome ingredients: Organic coconut powder, organic pumpkin powder and organic pea powder. Note the lack of sweeteners! This simple combination is certainly clean, but it is also potent, delivering the 20g protein from 3 different plants with complementary amino acid profiles.

Every protein powder has a certain taste, and most of the protein powder products take the unfortunate route of masking that taste with a heap of sugar and artificial flavors. While this particular protein powder chooses to stay clean and simple, the taste is not overpowering. The use of coconut powder is actually a welcome addition in many ways, and the pumpkin and pea taste is minimized in a fruity smoothie (or a chocolate one? I will be trying that as well). Carrington Farms has an array of clean and wholesome products; oils, seeds, grains, superfoods. I am glad they added a protein blend option that I can feel good about.

The recipe for the smoothie bowl is below:

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Purple Carrot Kvass

This beautiful red home fermented drink is called the purple carrot kvass, and besides being a delicious probiotic, it is also an interesting savory drink option.

I am a big fan of fermented drinks; their sour, earthy, mouthwatering taste, and their awesome probiotic benefits. I had published a continuous brew kombucha recipe before, and I still regularly make it. But I am now adding this kvass option to my home fermenting as my savory option. There aren’t many non-sweet and non-alcoholic drinks available, at least in the western cuisine, and I think that is unfortunate. I believe we get enough sugar as is, and I appreciate when there is a drink option that does away with sugar altogether. It may taste strange at first, sort of like a milder pickle juice, but it is a taste I came to crave on the regular. The recipe is below:

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Watermelon Slushie

There is nothing quite as refreshing as a cold, sweet watermelon in the summer. And it takes a few easy steps to turn watermelons into an amazingly cooling, delicious and innocent drink/dessert. The recipe is below:
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Naked Protein Smoothie


Meet my new best post-workout friend: Naked Nutrition Clean Protein Smoothie, with bananas, strawberries, dates and a ton of protein. Ready for the mad gains! lol

It is the summer and all I want to do is workout, drink my smoothies and get my protein too. So I was so excited to find out about the Naked Pea Protein and Naked Brown Rice Protein (organic & sprouted no less). I highly recommend checking out their bare naked ingredient list (hint: nothing but peas or brown rice!), nutritional info and the amino acid profile. I had been intrigued about pea protein for a while now, particularly in combination with brown rice. Even the was raving about it here. So when Naked Nutrition offered their samples, I jumped on it. One huge plus for me was that they offer unflavored, pure versions. While I am sure their flavored options are delicious and wholesome, I like the freedom to infuse my own flavors depending on the mood. And even play around with savory options (there is an example at the end of the post).

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Spinach Treat Smoothie

Spinach Smoothie
Easy, fast, nutritious, deep green and absolutely delicious. This is one good way to turn spinach into a treat. If drinking a smoothie doesn’t feel like a meal, you can try it as a bowl, decorated with fresh fruits, nuts, seeds and other goodies of your choice. Just plain fun. Here is the recipe:
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Kale Apple Smoothie

Kale Apple Smoothie
We had a wonderfully fun weekend which also involved an unchecked amount of eating, unfortunately. So I am finding it wise to smoothie my way through breakfast now. This one has kale, fruits and a kick of protein. It is a sweet treat without the guilt. And it doesn’t have to be frozen-cold. It is a warmer smoothie, better suited for the colder fall/winter mornings. Here is the recipe:
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Vegan Chocolate Cherry Green Smoothie

Brownie Smoothie
I was completely flattered when Maya asked me to guest post for the Dreamy Leaf. After coming across her Instagram account, she quickly became one of my food blogging and photography inspirations. I often silently lurked in the dark so I was pleasantly surprised when she reached out to me. Since Instagram has connected me to so many inspirational people, I thought I’d give you all a little background into my own Instagram.
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Chai Tai Smoothie

 Chai Thai Smoothie by the Blender Girl

Reprinted from THE BLENDER GIRL SMOOTHIES Copyright © 2014, 2015 by Tess Masters. Photographs copyright © 2014 by Erin Kunkel. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random HouseLLC.

A new book by The Blender Girl Tess Masters just came out at the end of June and I am head over heels in love with it. The Blender Girl Smoothies is available now on Amazon. One of the best investments you can make for your health is to have a great smoothie book front and center in your kitchen. And The Blender Girl Smoothies fits the bill perfectly with 100 creative and delicious recipes. I am posting one of them from the book, reprinted with the permission by Tess. Here is what Tess has to say about this recipe:

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