Vegan Tuna Goddess Salad

This is hands down the best sandwich I ever made! Combining the flavors of goddess sauce with a Mediterranean twist, and the texture of chickpeas and artichokes, this tastes and feels amazingly like a delicious tuna salad. It hits all the right notes and makes for a super practical, power-packed lunch option.

I am using my vegan cheddar cheese spread (recipe here) at the bottom of sandwich but feel free to use any vegan cream cheese or mayo.

Here is the fill recipe:

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Mac & Cheese Hot Pockets

These taste even better then they sound! Mac is covered in a delicious, vegetable-based, protein-loaded cheese sauce and baked into perfection in hot pockets of tortilla. So satisfying and easy, it is comfort food at it’s best. Here is the recipe:

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Peanut Butter Noodles

Let’s use peanut butter in everything! I love making savory dishes with it including this little easy noodle sauce. With a powerful and delicious savory combination of peanut butter and white beans, this recipe delivers a good amount of protein kick. The garlic, ginger and hot sauce combination in there perfectly complements the peanut butter to achieve that mouth watering savory flavor profile. Read on for the full recipe:

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Tostones Hondureños

These little taste bombs were incredible! We can’t thank enough to Glau for sharing her amazing recipe with us ❤️.  Detailed video shows how to make these delicious, crispy Tostones 😍

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Vegan Kofte

I love that we have an ever increasing availability of plant meat options. I took a vegan ground meat and favored it to make these delightful and satisfying koftes. Here is the recipe:

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Vegan Crab Cake Patties

Vegan crab cakes made with chickpeas as the protein component, heart of palms, artichokes, nori sheets and an Asian inspired set of seasonings. This makes for a wonderfully healthy and flavorful patty with a lot of texture going for it. The full recipe is below:

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Vegan Bibimbap

Bibimbap, the delicious Korean hot pot dish is traditionally served in a sizzling hot stone pot, cooking the ingredient with it’s heat. That’s not so easy to replicate in home cooking but we can get somewhat close with an iron cast. And of course with the right flavor profile. For me, the key ingredient here is kimchi! You can find it in stores but I make my own using the recipe I published in my recent cookbook “Power Vegan Meals” 🙂 Here is the full recipe:

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Chickpea Fried Tofu

Delightfully crispy tofu cubes, coated with a well seasoned and nutritious chickpea flour batter makes for a powerful comfort food with a robust flavor. This made me fall in love with tofu all over again. The recipe is super simple, and it consistently turns out amazing every single time. Read on below for full instructions.

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Moroccan Carrot Salad with Tagine Sauce

I love carrots, love their vibrant color and the texture. But by themselves, they can be a little boring to be honest 🙂 That’s why I get excited when come across a simple way to transform them.

I have used Mina Harissa sauces extensively in the past and I was itching to try their newest additions to their product line, namely the tagine sauces. With Moroccan carrots in mind, this sounded like a perfect fit and it lived up to all the expectations.

The fish tagine sauce (vegan) is quite flavorful, you can definitely pick up the herb flavors alongside well balanced spices. So it delivers a mild heat, a bit of zestiness and lot of deliciousness. This worked so well to round out the sweetness of carrots and transform them into treats. This is going to be a favorite appetizer for me. The recipe is below:

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Non-mushy Falafel

Falafel is a superstar in plant-based cooking, but this seemingly simple dish is kind of hard to nail down in terms of texture. One simple trick to step up your falafel game, and to say goodbye to the mushiness, is to use dry chickpeas instead of canned. Canned chickpeas is definitely practical but it just doesn’t deliver the same flavor and texture. Soaked 24 hours in water, the dry chickpeas hydrate and soften. It is not even necessary to boil them, so it is not an added effort, you just need to decide a day before that you will be making falafels. The rest of the recipe is remarkably simple as well, see below:

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