Chocolate Hazelnut Energy Bars

I always try to keep a delicious and healthy treat in the freezer to ward off dessert cravings, so I am quite fond of super easy, no-bake recipes like this. These delicious little ones have a lot going for them. I love the taste and crunch of the hazelnuts, the chocolatey goodness and the fact that it comes loaded with protein. Treat it as a protein bar, or an energy bar, or simply as a special treat for me time. The recipe is below.

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Vegan Matcha Zebra Cheesecake

I am definitely a tea person, and of all the varieties, matcha has a special place in my heart. One reason, of course, is that it is super high in anti-oxidants. Actually it is much more potent than regular green tea. But another, perhaps more important, reason is it’s smooth and delicious flavor. Lastly, that pretty vibrant green definitely needs a mention. This all makes it a great ingredient, not only for drinks, but for desserts!

Merging my love of the matcha tea with that of vegan cheesecakes, I set out to make this vanilla matcha zebra cheesecake. I used the Carrington Farms Matcha Tea Powder and I couldn’t be happier with the result (as expected with my experience with other Carrington Farms products so far). The dessert turned out creamy but light, absolutely delicious and flavorful, and very pretty 🙂

See below for the full recipe and a video description of the zebra layering.

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Frozen Strawberry Yogurt Bars

Refreshing frozen strawberry cashew yogurt, with an amazing hazelnut raisin crust, makes for one great summer treat. Super easy to make, and even easier to eat it all. The recipe is below.

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Sweet Tahini Tortilla Rolls

This is perhaps one of the easiest (and fastest) pastries you can make with minimum time investment and absolutely impressive results. Made with only a few common ingredients, the recipe is pretty much about spreading a few things over a tortilla and rolling it up before sending it to oven. I always loved using tahini in desserts, I think it creates a wonderful contrast to the sweet taste and lends a luscious, almost earthy flavor in a very good way. The tortillas, of course, are the time savers here. They eliminate the need to make a pastry dough from scratch and they bake into a wonderfully crunchy texture.  The recipe, along with a video is below:

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola Bites

These delicious little peanut butter chocolate granola bites are as easy and healthy as they come. Sweetened only with dates (when without the optional glaze), and rich in protein and fiber, not a twinge of guilt is involved in enjoying this treat. These will keep well in the freezer and be ready to quench that dessert crave whenever it hits.
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Vegan Lemon Meringue Cookies

The weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining more. As summer approaches, we wanted to create a sweet, light treat, and these lemon meringue cookies are exactly that! How did we make those vegan? Well, it was more simple than you may think. Have you heard about aquafaba? It’s the liquid that’s left over from soaked garbanzo beans, but that bland description doesn’t do it justice. This “bean water,” combined with cream of tartar, can be whipped into something that resembles whipped egg whites. Using just a few ingredients and less than 30 minutes of prep time, you can make a delectable and classic vegan meringue. We baked the meringue into cookies, but you could likely use it as the meringue for a Baked Alaska or create a pavlova from it instead–the options are endless! Here is how we did it:

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Three Layer Mocha Vanilla Cheesecake with Caramel Topping

A vegan cheesecake with three layers made of chocolate, coffee and vanilla flavored fillings, an oreo crust and a caramel sauce topping!  This cake merges so many of my favorite flavors and the caramel sauce is the best I came up with so far.

This is made for a very special occasion as it is my love’s birthday today, so I am totally OK spending some extra time in the kitchen and allowing some indulgences like the oreo crust 🙂 There is still no baking, and it is still a very easy recipe for such an amazing treat, but there is still some prep and repeated trips to the freezer. The full recipe is below:

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