Whole Wheat Tahini Chocolate Bread


I love making variations of this iron cast pan bread. It has fast become a favorite for our weekend breakfasts. This latest one featured tahini, chocolate, walnuts and sesame seeds. As usual, this is not overly sweet, it still is a bread after all. The combination of whole wheat flour, walnuts and tahini gives this bread an ancient, nutty flavor while the addition of chocolate brightens things up quite a bit. My first trial of this was without chocolate and that totally didn’t work. This one though, give it a try.

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Whole Wheat Cinnamon Swirl Bread


There is much stigma out there about bread baking. I think it is a common belief that making breads from scratch is a time consuming and complex process that requires patience and precision. That may be true for some of the artisan bread kinds out there like a good sourdough, but there are lots of easier, quick and delicious options. Once you get over the gooey, messy business of kneading by hand (some might even enjoy that), homemade breads can become very practical meals. There is simply no substitute for bread fresh out of the oven.
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Whole Wheat Gozleme


Those who have raised a boy would know, they have periods of seemingly insatiable hunger. Our son is no exception. After our morning ritual of him waking us up and jumping in our bed,  and the following giggles, the most important topic of the day is brought up; What to have for breakfast. We have never been a cereal or pancake breakfast kind of family. Our comfort breakfast instead involves fresh whole bread, olives and tomatoes. Often, our go to bread choice is homemade gozleme. Hero of the breakfasts and the lunch boxes.

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