Vegan Cheddar Cheese

This vegan cheddar cheese is truly a game changer. After countless tries at cheese-making, I am so happy with how this one turned out. It is quite rich and have that cultured flavor alongside a texture that is spreadable but still with some structure. Made with all the good stuff, you will appreciate a wholesome plant-based cheese alternative that also loads you up on probiotics. I have been using it successfully on pizza, toasts, mac&cheese sauce or many other dishes that could use the cheesy goodness. It takes some prep time and a little aging time to culture it but the process is super simple and consistent. See the full recipe below.

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Easy Mascarpone

A 5 minute, 4 ingredient, easy and delightful plant-based mascarpone. It works great as a bagel spread (think lox, with red bell pepper “salmon”), as a topping over muffins, desserts, fruits or smoothies, over gram crackers, or even as a cream base for soups. With such simplicity and versatility, I highly recommend you give it a try. Here is the recipe:

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Dreamy Cheese Sauce

This is definitely one of my signature recipes and for good reason. It is a healthy and easy to make sauce that is super versatile. I use it for a delightful Mac&Cheese, as a dip sauce, sauce in or over burritos, over open sandwiches, anywhere and everywhere I can think of. The sauce’s signature status was also confirmed when my 10 year old son claimed it was better than ketchup! It’s that good lol. The recipe is below.

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Cashew Yoghurt

I don’t know why it took me this long to start experimenting with homemade vegan yoghurt but here I am after a few first batches and I am super excited. Made with raw cashews, and raw (unpasteurized), unfiltered apple cider vinegar, this creamy yoghurt turned out extraordinarily well for dipping fruits in or as even as a spread over toast. And it couldn’t be easier to make, the recipe is below.

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Open Sesame Cheese by Jules Aron

Open sesame cheese from Vegan Cheese: Simple, Delicious Plant-Based Recipes by Jules Aron. I am so in love with this recipe and with the whole book <3.

I am a big fan of homemade vegan cheese 🙂 It is incredibly satisfying and easy to make, you get to play with the flavors and you get to have a delicious cheese to use over toasts, in grilled sandwiches, sauces… Naturally I was very excited when I learned that my incredibly talented friend Jules Aron has just released a cookbook on the subject: Vegan Cheese: Simple, Delicious Plant-Based Recipes. I seriously want to try everything in this book, they all look gorgeous and the few recipes I have tried so far have been amazing! Highly recommended 🙂

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Pesto Cheese

I love pesto in pretty much everything and I thought making a plant-based cheese deliciously flavored with pesto was a great idea. It is awesome to have this in the ready for spreading over toasts, using in sandwiches and in pasta sauces. The recipe is blow:

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Coconut Cashew Cream


This might be our most popular vegan parfait cream yet. We served our Chocolate Pecan Pie Granola with this cream at Charlotte VegFest, and our entire stock of granolas were sold out. Almost everyone who tasted it asked about the cream. It is simple and magical. As promised, the recipe is below. Continue Reading