Easy Vegan Breakfasts and Lunches

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Whether you are a vegan or not makes no difference here. You may be seeking kinder, cruelty free foods, a more sustainable diet, or improved health through nutrition and nourishment. Regardless of your interest, I am so happy you are considering or preferring plant based foods. And I hope you will find this book a good resource.

Most chefs would agree that the taste of a dish is not proportional to the complexity of the recipe. What produces a magical taste is not usually elaborate and long drawn kitchen processes, but rather novel ideas and the right combination of basic ingredients while keeping an eye on the aesthetics and textural aspects. So it  is entirely possible to cook absolutely delicious meals daily, without having to permanently live in the  kitchen.

Culinary motivations aside, cooking your own meals is also one the best gifts you can award yourself or your family with. Together with the enormous investment you make in your health by having home cooked meals, you get to enjoy the highest quality food for the money  spent.

This book is written, in part, to convince you that cooking your meals yourself, day in and day out, doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Time being the chief argument against home cooking, this book strives to minimize the effort and complexity of the recipes. It focuses specifically on vegan breakfast and lunch options with a great emphasis on simplicity, portability and ultimately the wholesome, nutritious deliciousness that will feed your body and  senses.