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If you share our vision of a plant based, wholesome lifestyle and you are interested in a collaboration, we would love to hear your ideas!

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  1. Happened upon your book at the library earlier in the week (it was so pretty it drew me in!). I made the Cream of Spinach Pockets and just finished eating them with my husband. I couldn’t wait to find you on line and tell you that they were just about the best thing I’ve eaten in my 51 years!! Lots of other recipes flagged in the book that will be on our plates by week’s end. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes and gift with the world!

    1. Hi Dawn, I must say this is one of the favorite comments I received about my book haha. I am so glad you enjoyed the Cream of Spinach Pockets and I hope you will find many more favorites in the book. Thank you so much for reaching out and making my day! <3

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