Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Why there would ever be a vegan shepherd is beyond me but he could have his pie without meat. This dish just makes sense though. Cover a nice warming sauté with mashed potatoes, bake it and bliss is sort of guaranteed to follow.

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Carob Cake

If you are not Mediterranean, you may not have grown up gnawing on the sweet carob pods. But lately it has been getting popular. And for good reason. ...

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Sweet Potato Falafel Burger

The falafel meets a sweet potato and forms a California burger in a pita pocket. Super tasty, high in protein, fiber and nutrients, it was amazing to enjoy a burger as a healthy lunch option. The recipe for this wonderful vegan patty is below. ...

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Wild Blueberry and Pine Nut Rice

I have a long history with this rice dish that is firmly rooted in the traditional Mediterranean dolma stuffing. I should note here that most dolmas you get served skips some pretty essential ingredients: pine nuts and dried wild blueberries (or currants). The simple reason for that being the cost ...

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Spinach Cream Filo Roll Ups

Spotting a pack of whole wheat filo dough at the grocery store took me back in time, all the way to childhood when my mom would often make borek with spinach filling for breakfasts. She would use yoghurt to soften and combine layers of freshly rolled, paper-thin dough and she would fill it with ...

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Almond Milk

I don't think I need to advertise just how wonderful the almond milk is, as it is doing quite well on popularity without my help. But what I will try to convince you here is to make it yourself at home. Here are my reasons for insisting on the homemade option: ...

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Vegan Caldo Verde Soup

Rainy and gloomy days are soup days for me by default. Searching for green soups that I can incorporate some chard in, I came across this Portuguese beauty called Caldo Verde. Apart from the greens, it used sausages which was interesting for me. As a vegan, I rarely use plant based meat-like ...

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Masoor Dal

Lately, I have been finding myself dabbling more and more in the Indian cuisine. I love the spices, vegan friendly ingredients, and the fact that most Indian dishes just feels like a warm, comforting hug. ...

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Vegan Cream Cashew Cheddar Cheese

I recently had a couple of breakthroughs which inevitably resulted in vegan nachos, complete with cheese and yoghurt (or sour cream, if you will). The first breakthrough was the cream cashew cheddar cheese. I had been experimenting with nut cheeses ever since I became a vegan. It took a while of ...

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Bites

I love having bite sized desserts ready in the freezer to enjoy with my daily coffee or tea. So much so that it has become a kind of ritual for me to start my day right. With this long kept habit, I went through many iterations of many kinds of desserts. My latest favorite is this vegan, gluten-free ...

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Vegetable Stock

I admit I neglected my basic recipes section lately. But I definitely need to have these building blocks for my other recipes. I kind of thought illustrating these would be a nice project and would get me excited. It totally did! It felt so good to be drawing again. ...

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