Simple Pumpkin Dessert

Pumpkin Dessert

So it is fall, which means we are now flooded with an abundance of pumpkins. I know most pumpkins out there are for decoration only but we have been getting a steady stream of organic pie pumpkins in our weekly farm box. As a household that doesn’t regularly bake pies, we had to summon a recipe.

I defaulted to the simple recipe that my working mother often made during fall. Requiring only few ingredients and little work, apart from cutting the pumpkin, it is a delicious dessert without much guilt attached. Here is the recipe:

Ingredients: (serves 4 humans)

  • 1 medium/small pumpkin
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup roasted walnuts
  • Cinnamon


Peel and chop the pumpkin in approximately 2 inch cubes (see the picture below). Put them in an oven pan and pour half of the maple syrup over them. Bake for 45 minutes in an oven preheated to 400F. I suggest roasting the walnuts at the same time on a separate cup, but put them in the oven for the last 10 minutes only.

Transfer to a skillet (I use iron cast for this), add the rest of the walnuts and the cinnamon. Cook, on medium-height heat, until the pumpkins further soften and start caramelizing. Sprinkle with crushed, roasted walnuts when serving.


Homemade Veggie Pasta


When my son craved pasta and used his puppy looks on me, I had to oblige. So I chopped onions, garlic, red bell peppers, celery sticks, carrots and tomatoes. I boiled it all together and pureed them with a hand blender. When that cooled down a little, I used the puree along with whole wheat flour, semolina, salt and black pepper to make a dough. After letting the dough wait for half and hour, I rolled it flat, cut it in strips and there, fresh pasta that comes with the veggies built-in.

Well, my son loved it and so I had another successful mommy moment. Yay!

Chocolate Cheesecake Square


It’s been a while since I started to refuse eating desserts made with unholy amounts of cream and eggs, as they mostly are. That doesn’t mean I don’t still crave for desserts. Fruits are great for that but chocolate is chocolate! So at those times, I go nuts in the kitchen and start searching for new recipes. I usually end up fusing a few recipes and adopting them to my own taste. I then make a single serving sized sample of it, like this one.

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Black Bean Hummus Panini

Black bean hummus panini

One of the best ways to cook something is inside of a bread, in a panini maker.

After shying away from simple(r) carbs for a while, I recently realized I was overdoing it and starving myself. My latest bike ride was an eye opener in that sense. I lost nearly 40 lbs over the past 7 months and I am now at a decent bike climber body composition. But my body was protesting it and begging for energy during high intensity workouts. So I decided to give it a break and treat it to an all time favorite comfort food every now and then: paninis.

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Vegan Almond Lemon Cake


This is proof that vegans don’t just eat grass, we have treats as well. A regular cake recipe usually calls for something like two dozen eggs and a couple of sticks of butter which always baffled me. Here is one that has no eggs, and no milk products either. It uses whole wheat flour and olive oil! This is about as guilt-free as it gets for a cake.

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Muhammara: A Meze to Rule Them All


Muhammara is one of my favorite mezes. It is right up there with hummus and guacamole. No no, it is actually above those in my list. It is a traditional meze that can be found, with variations of course, in many different mediterranean cuisines. This version has my own twists. It has always proved quite popular in the restaurants where I included it. So, if one day this becomes the next hummus, you know the source ;)

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