Peanut Butter Rice Crisp with Blueberry Compote

Light, fluffy and crispy at the same time, this deliciously messy dessert is a playground of textures and flavors. Plus it is super easy to make. I love this option especially on days I want dessert but I am not in the mood for rich and heavy. The base is held together with peanut butter which also goes so well with the blueberry flavor. The coconut yogurt adds a delightfully cooling and refreshing element. Read on for the recipe:

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Vegan Tuna Goddess Salad

This is hands down the best sandwich I ever made! Combining the flavors of goddess sauce with a Mediterranean twist, and the texture of chickpeas and artichokes, this tastes and feels amazingly like a delicious tuna salad. It hits all the right notes and makes for a super practical, power-packed lunch option.

I am using my vegan cheddar cheese spread (recipe here) at the bottom of sandwich but feel free to use any vegan cream cheese or mayo.

Here is the fill recipe:

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Herbal Summer Detox Tea

A cooling, soothing, detoxing herbal tea that is gorgeous and delicious, I know what I am drinking all summer long! This recipe is a collaboration with Brandon Ruiz (find him on instagram here). He is an herbalist and a dear friend. I love his passion about herbal medicine and all things plants, and I admire his knowledge. He agreed to share one of his herbal tea recipes and I am totally in love with it. Hibiscus flower imbues this drink with its sweet aroma and the gorgeous red color. Holy basil lends a wonderful fragrance along with dandelion leaves, and lemongrass releases its rich citrusy essential oils into the tea. It tastes sweet without any added sweeteners, just magical!

Read on for the recipe.

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Mac & Cheese Hot Pockets

These taste even better then they sound! Mac is covered in a delicious, vegetable-based, protein-loaded cheese sauce and baked into perfection in hot pockets of tortilla. So satisfying and easy, it is comfort food at it’s best. Here is the recipe:

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Miso Avocado Toast

I know you didn’t need any more reasons to love avocado toasts but here is a good one: The great umami taste of miso, combined with the flavor combination of tomatoes, garlic and parsley makes the avocado toast all the more irresistible. This just takes things to another level. Read more for the full recipe.

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Bites

This is definitely up there in my favorite desserts because of how easy and universally appealing it is, a proven party pleaser! 🎉

Keep these bite-sized, power-packed, delightful chocolate treats at the ready for when the dessert craving hits. This is extremely easy to make, with a short ingredient list and no cooking involved.

This little gem is from my cookbook “Power Vegan Meals“, read on for the recipe:

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Peanut Butter Noodles

Let’s use peanut butter in everything! I love making savory dishes with it including this little easy noodle sauce. With a powerful and delicious savory combination of peanut butter and white beans, this recipe delivers a good amount of protein kick. The garlic, ginger and hot sauce combination in there perfectly complements the peanut butter to achieve that mouth watering savory flavor profile. Read on for the full recipe:

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French Toast

A versatile and delicious vegan French toast based on garbanzo bean flour. This has basically become our go-to weekend breakfast when we feel like treating ourselves. Since the toast itself is not sweet, it goes so well with both sweet and savory toppings. So enjoy with fruits, maple syrup drizzle, jams or go with your favorite plant cheese. You can also keep the leftovers (if any) in the fridge and warm up later, it will still be good.

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Tostones Hondureños

These little taste bombs were incredible! We can’t thank enough to Glau for sharing her amazing recipe with us ❤️.  Detailed video shows how to make these delicious, crispy Tostones 😍

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Vegan meatball subs

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