Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Bites


I love having bite sized desserts ready in the freezer to enjoy with my daily coffee or tea. So much so that it has become a kind of ritual for me to start my day right. With this long kept habit, I went through many iterations of many kinds of desserts. My latest favorite is this vegan, gluten-free peanut butter chocolate fudge bites. It has this silky smooth texture, balanced by the coarsely chopped pistachios. It also gives a nice and balanced kick of proteins, carbs and good fats.

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Vegetable Stock

I admit I neglected my basic recipes section lately. But I definitely need to have these building blocks for my other recipes. I kind of thought illustrating these would be a nice project and would get me excited. It totally did! It felt so good to be drawing again. ...

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Vegan Buckwheat Pancakes

We often wake to the sounds of "I'm hungry!' on the weekends. Our son still wakes up very early and by the time it is 8:30 or so, he has no more patience to wait for breakfast. Yesterday morning, he actually made an "I'm hungry" sign and protested us.So I had to get up and make one of his ...

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Bok Choy Stir Fry

Bok choys might be the most gorgeous of the greens and they also happen to be super tasty. I stumbled onto a some baby bok choys the other day and instantly though of a stir fry.I have deep emotions about stir fries. They are definitely up there at the ultimate comfort food level, perfectly ...

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Behind the Scenes: Photographing the Potato Salad

A little while ago, we blogged about why and how we re-surfaced our dining table here. In short, our brown glossy varnished table wasn't playing well with our food photography and something needed to be done about it. So we stripped the varnish and applied a neutral grey(ish) driftwood color. It was ...

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Spicy Red Lentil Soup

This red lentil soup is a personal favorite of mine. And it is considered one of my signature soups. As I worked in restaurants, I realized that customers were really interested in healthy soup choices. Quite a few people found both the cream based and meat stock based soups too heavy. They were ...

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Pumpkin Panna Cotta

When it comes to desserts, I love small, simple and innocent. Something to accompany my tea with rich flavors but something that won't leave me feeling heavy and guilty. I must admit, achieving this hasn't been much of a challenge since I became vegan. But some textures that I enjoyed before, like ...

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Whole Wheat Tahini Chocolate Bread

I love making variations of this iron cast pan bread. It has fast become a favorite for our weekend breakfasts. This latest one featured tahini, chocolate, walnuts and sesame seeds. As usual, this is not overly sweet, it still is a bread after all. The combination of whole wheat flour, walnuts and ...

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How We Resurfaced Our Dining Table and Why

It was a project Sunday yesterday when we finally got around to doing some of the things we put off during the holiday season. One of those was resurfacing our dining table.The thing about photography is, the camera sees the world in a whole different way. The classic example to this is that our ...

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Mediterranean Inspired Quinoa Salad

I know spices are not usually considered salad ingredients but that has become my lunch thing lately. Looking at my previous lentil salad, I apparently crave spicy, warming, protein loaded, gluten-free, filling salads these days. ...

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Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

This is definitely a breakfast favorite of mine and I know I am not alone.Having grown up with the commercial brand version of it, I was pretty disappointed when I was grown up enough to realize how unhealthy it was. Luckily, it is very easy to make at home. The homemade version is of course ...

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